mardi 11 mai 2010

Bike Days Switzerland!

Since Ucchie is in Paris, We (Alex and I) decided to Bring him to the Bike Days contest in Solothurn!
We left Paris at 5 a.m on Satursday to make it to the contest on time!
We arrived in Solothurn where OLi Muller, the flatland organiser was aiting for us to start the contest. We warmed up 10 min and the qualification started. Ucchie, Alex and I got qualified for the final trhe following days so it was time to rest.
Red Bull put me in a super nice hotel with Gym, Sauna, Naked MILF (WTF?) so It was great.
We had some kinda party at night but went to bed pretty early since it was not the party of the year :)
It means we were on a really good shape that sunday! It was supposed to rain but Flatland has it owns god so it didn't! The final was great! Very good vibes and so many spectators! There was 8 people who made people, reduced to 4 (Alex VS Dom for the 3rd and 4th Place) and Ucchie and I for the 1st and 2nd.
Alex is definitely back in the contest game and rode awesome! he even pulled his new tricks (Nose wheelie nosepick footjam whip back to nosewheelie!) Dom rode awesome and was more clean so he end up 3rd!
I had to ride the final against Ucchie and it was one of the best time I had in a contest in my life! Ucchie is one of my best friend so imagine how it feels to ride with him in front of thousands of people screaming! I rode a lil more clean than him and pulled halfcabwhip to pegs wheelie so that's why I won I guess.
The most important thing is that everyone got STOKED on Fatland who was by far the highlight of this bike days 2010.
Big up to the organisor! We'll be back next year!!!

5a.m Breakfast.. ahah gotta wake up!

On the way to the contest!

Jump in front of a screaming crowd!


Podium time!

Complete final results:)
1 Matthias Dandois
2 Yohei Uchino
3 Dominik Nekolny
4 Alex Jumelin
5 Dez Maarsen
6 Dan Hennig
7 Chris Böhm
8 Jéremy Brosset

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  1. T'as l'air bien blazé sur toute cette série de clichés :D