mardi 6 janvier 2009

Playlist! Get Tracks on I Tunes!

Cool Playlist To Ride Your bike, Chill with your Friends or do whatever you want!
Une playlist bien cool pour rider, S'ambiancer avec ses potes ou bien d'autre choses encore:

A Thing For Me-Metronomy
Back On The Motorway-Metronomy
Debbie-Architecture In Helsinki
Brain Leech-Alex Gopher
Digits-Fan 3
Burning-Whitest Boy Alive
When The Levee Breaks-Led Zeppelin
Jezebel-Dizee Rascal
St Petersburg-Brazilian Girls
Knocking On The Heaven Door.-Guns N' Roses
Are You Gonna Be My Girl-Jet
Pourvu Qu'Elles M'aiment-Booba
Electric Feel-MGMT
Paper Planes-M.I.A
You'll Find A Way-Santogold
One More Time-The Clash
Paint It Black-The Rolling Stones
Jungle Drum-Emiliana Torrini
I Love You All The Time-Oh No! Oh My
Good Time-Brazilian Girls

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