jeudi 19 mars 2009


Hey all!
It's been a while I havent put news in The Blog. sorry for that!
I was actually in Canada for the FU5, enjoying with some of the greatest guys ever, and riding a lot!!
well here is the story.

Day 1:
Wake up at 6 a:m, put my bike in the bag, don't find the key to put off my pegs, being late, finally found the key, put my bike in the bag, put my clothes in another bag, being super late, getting to the airport, get in the plane, having trouble with canadian immigration, meeting with Alex Poirier, Prasheel Gopal and Dominik Nekolny, going to Downton Montreal Shopping, Getting to Ottawa, Sleeping.

Day 2:
Wake up at 6:am (jetlag), getting at Alex Place, Going To ride, trying to Warm up (-13° C), no riding, getting in a bar, Red Bull Jagermeister, getting at Alex Place, going to a Party, doing wild stuff with Canadian girls...

Day 3:
Wake up at 8:am, going to Toronto, Hangover, going to the contest place, slippery floor, shitty practice, going to a party

Day 4:
Amator qualifications, 6 min Runs..., watching street, riding a bit, getting tired of the sliperry floor, Going to a party.

Day 5:
Amator final, Great runs from Percy Marshall and Dub! really good to watch, Pro final, 8 min runs??? Rode as good as possible in the slippery floor, getting 2nd Place! really happy. Going back to Ottawa, saying goodbye to Dominik. Sleeping early.

Day 6:
Going to ride all day long with Alex and Prasheel on the Campus! Really good session, chill athmosphere, beautifull girl, I think I love Canada! Going to Alex place, listening to some Dub step, going to sleep.

Day 7:
St Patricks Day!!!! Going to ride all day, Watching people getting drunk all day long on the Campus wearing green dress. Learning a new tricks, the Ottawhooper! ahahha Going to Alex Place getting ready for a house party. Black out of the house party...

Day 8:
Hangover---> Hangover----->Hangover, going to the airport, saying bye to Alex and Prasheel... End of the trip!!!

Canada in a few Words:

Here are the photos!!!!

and a Video!!

FU5 Flatland Contest Teaser from daniel caruso on Vimeo.

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