lundi 21 septembre 2009

Carhartt Field Control

I just landed in my apartment after a whole day flying, but definitely pretty stoked on my week end!
I arrived in Faro airport Friday late in the afternoon along with Lionel Cardoso and Maelle his wife. I met Adam at the airport and Valter Gueirrerro the event organiser took us to Portimao.
We had a cool night session with few pro riders like Michi Sommer, Seppl, Adam... It's always cool to ride with your friend. The spot is always fucking awesome, A huge covered OSB Spot, lightened, stairs for the crowd, good presentation, The Field cvontrol Crew knows what's up.
The following morning we went to the beach with Tom from Sevisual, Michael and Adam to have an english breakfast (shout out Effraim) and went chill to the beach. Then it was qualification late in the afternoon. There was a pretty good turnout of pro this year and the level was pretty high. Only 8 dude was taken to the sunday final so everybody gave his best. I won the qualification, Michael Sommer got 2nd, and Adam 3rd. Seppl took the 8th spot and was stoked he could ride the final!
Everybody went for a nice dinner on the beach satursday night followed by a cool party. I went to bed pretty early actually! Following morning, same shit, Beach, English breakfast, sunbathing, Final of the contest! so cool. The format of the final was battle. The format is a lil weird cause even if you loose your battle, you have a chance to pass through... 2 times! Michael Sommer lost his 2 first battle against Adam Kun but made it to the semi final. Adam won his two first battle, Daniel Furhman lost his first battle against me and I won my two first battle. The semi final was a 4 man battle (Daniel, Adam, Michi and I). It was very tight between Michael and Adam actually but Michael made it so did I.
It was the first time I had to batlle agaisnt Michael. I tried a new backwheel combo and missed it, and I missed few others things while he pulled all his combo including a banger a the end. There we go Michael won! Deserved! Congrats!
At night I went with the german crew to a restaurant. The owner could talk 6 language including (German with Frank-Myla-Wasstle-Matti-Benni, French with Lionel-Maelle-me, English with some random dudes, Spanish with Camillo, Portuguese and Italian) ahahah and he was actually a pretty good cooker! Props!
I went to bed cuz I had my flight pretty early in the morning... That's pretty much it!
Big thanks to the Field Control Crew for putting up this great event every years and I hope to see more riders support it next year!

Pro Podium!

Pro Practise

Stairs to the beach

The wonderfull portimao beach

Michi Sommer is Fashion!!

BLOOD!! by Sebastien Grubinger

Alexis and me Chilling at the beach!

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