dimanche 18 octobre 2009

Iphone Random Pictures From 2009

Not really much happenings at the moment, basically just practice... so here are some present for you. I found some unpublished pix from this past year... Maybe I wasn't feeling like posting them because it was too much. But here we are:

Pas grand chose de dingue en ce moment, pratiquement que de l'entrainement, mais je faisais du tri dans mes photos et il y'en a des belles (dans le mauvais sens du thermes) que j'ai pas publié... Cadeau! Désolé les gars!

My 2009 Winter Spot

Les Toits de Paris, automne 2009

Momo, Elodie Jumelin and Kids, Japan Summer 2009

Weird Bike, Tokyo Summer 2009

Weird Landscape from the plane, Somewhere over USA, 2009

Ucchie and Raph, Voodoo Jam Aout 2009

Melaine Loves Whisky, Summer 2009

Eiffel Tower

Shooting with Remy Desclaux Autumn 2009

Pull-In Crew at work, G-shock Party 2009

New Red Bull Drinking concept, RTW Party, Lyon

Julien Dupont and his ex-wife, Lyon, 2009

Adam Kun and Laszlo Tivadar wasted, Budapest, 2009

I've seen way too much of this in 2009

Kwett and family, Who's Next party, 2009

Some shots, Red Bull Party 2009

Poulet and me getting 90's

Gabin Jumelin driving through Japan, Summer 2009

Le déménagement d'Alex, Septembre 2009

Frankenstein Party??? WTF

Sourire! Poulet's tatoo, Septembre 2009

Rock and Roll Baby!!

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  1. Phew, I was worried we might see photos from the bar in Toronto, Canada.


  2. There will be a part 2 Prasheel no worries! ahahaha

  3. "Melaine Loves Whisky, Summer 2009"

    Batard !! ahahah