jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Indianapolis Day Two

What a day!
It started really early this morning (7am) due to the jetlag. Dom Nekolny, TJ Perry, Cory Fester, Percy and I went to Wendy's to have a big American breakfast. Back to the hotel Dom and I went to the fitness center to stay fit :) afterward we hang out a bit and went to eat. I eventually met Terry Adams on his room and Fat Tony joined us a bit later.
We all headed to the pre jam at the Red Bull warehouse downtown Indianapolis. The guys at Red Bull were kind enough to let us ride inside their warehouse and it was awesome! Many pros are here so expect some big times at the contest Saturday! I filmed and shot some videos and photos with Fat and then we head back home. Well, listen:
Alan (the organiser) took us (Terry Adams, Fat Tony, Dominik Nekolny, TJ Perry, Tyler Gilliard and I) along with our bikes in his car. On the motorway it started to smell like burn and some smoke was going off the engine!! We stopped on the side, wait for a few minute and decided to go back since the hotel was only 3 miles away. Everything went fine untill we heard a weird funny noise, like if we had a flat tire, and then the car caught on fire! Smoke everywhere in the cabin, everybody freaked out, Alan had a really nice reflex to go on the side of the motorway. But hey that's not it! The door was locked so I kept on screaming on Tyler to open that fuckin door because the car was going to blow up! ahah we end up on the side of the motorway calling 911, Alan's car burning in front of us with all our bikes and life inside. Luckily the fire stopped by itself before the firemens arrived. Everything was fine, we could get to the hotel! What a story!
We eventually went to eat some American food at Steak'n'Shake which was pretty awesome! Now it's bed time, tomorrow's gonna be a long day.
Shout out to Alan Young who did everything right while his car was getting crazy, thanks for it bro'

Huge omelette for Breakfast Yummy!

At the fitness center with Dom

Red Bull Warehouse Jam

car was on fire!!

Terry loving his Milkshake....

...and Fat Tony too!

4 commentaires:

  1. good times man. typal "old school" road trip senario. peace. see ya in indy!

  2. I'm glad your having fun i the U.S.A. even though this is a sh*tty place. =( i want to live and ride in euro or japan. gg.

  3. ha ha ha mathias

    your on fire dude!