jeudi 11 février 2010

Why your jeans' so tight?

Hey first of all there ain't nothing serious in this video. Here is the story. Everybody used to hate on us (Raph Alex and I) from wearing tight girl jeans. Last week I went to Greece with Alex and our friend Djibril Cissé had some leggings jeans in his bedroom. We thought that was perfect to launch a new riding style, We went to the first H and M we found and bought some girl's legging. It's actually dope to ride with because It's fucking strectch! Get ready for the new fashion! It's never tight enough! ahahaha
Enjoy this awesome combo from Alex Jumelin:

Why Your Jeans' so Tight? from Matthias Dandois on Vimeo.

3 commentaires:

  1. il a encore la gouache le patron !

  2. I don't know about the leggings, but that is a killer combo... great flow!