dimanche 28 mars 2010

Pictures and report from French connection

Last saturday the French conection jam took place at the famous Oltorf Garage in Austin.
Seriously I wasn't expecting so many rider to come down. More than 40 riders made it from Texas, and even the Ganji Crew from Georgia! Big names as Aaron Frost, Adam Di Claudio, The Ganji Crew were here to have a good time and ride together.
We had a little tricks battle with Kenny, Aaron and the London Bike Crew to pull a new trick but it end up everybody came really close but nobody pulled it... ahaha
Many riders killed it during the day, here is what I remember:

-Alex "Mr Natural" Johnson Learned cliffangher one foot first try... WTF?
-Aaron Frost is Dialed with his Legs crossed!
-The London bike Crew killed it all day long with crazy old-new-no school tricks mix!
-Chadwick had his new street (bar and stem) set up and seemed like he didn't have an hard time to get used to it! Smoooth!
-Adam Di Claudio throwed some serious 1 min combos!
-Kenny Boucher doesn't have bar ends but it doesn't prevent him to ride hardcore Brakeless
-Seriously who was thar 10 years old looking Asian dude? Crazy spins!
-Stephen Earn rides backward like he was riding forward!
-Shane Kajenoori has new backwheel moves!
-Gabe Kadmiri should enter more contest, he is dialed!
-DAAAVVVID Weathersby is stylish!
-The Austin crew might be the coolest guys on the planet!

The great moment of the Jam was when the guys from Metal Bikes (Jimmy Levan, Sean Burns and Kert) showed up along with street riders from Austin to watch the jam. Crazy tricks went down during this power hour and there was a big "BMX" feeling during this time! I loved it. Who cares which discipline of Bmx you ride, we all ride 20 inches, that's it. Austin is the shit!
A big barbecue were also here and the rider would eat and enjoy the last sessions of riding. I left the jam with a big smile on my face... Thanks everyone! Definitely see you soon for the French connection Jam 2011! ahah
Enjoy this couple of photos Vincent Perraud Shot during the jam!
Click on the photos to enlarge them!


Adam Di Claudio flipping his bars!

Doing the thumbs, new trend in BMX

Aaron Frost spend more time cross footed than you!

Kenny in the sunlight

DAAAAVID no hand!

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  1. matthias am a big fan of yours here Brazil, like much of their sessions, I have all his videos, I know all their trajectory from the beginning with bmx, flat practice 5 years, its level in the bmx was very fast, I go on his blog every day doing everything, when I ask who and largest flatland I know, always say you turning MATTHIAS, and truth, you and me more than Idul and a fan, congratulations! I see you still find you and you Cheers from the tight, 'cause I love the flatland, and imprecionante performance, mixing with flat street! parabens!