vendredi 23 avril 2010


Sad sad news for BMX , Two in a row actually: No BMX Worlds in Prague due to the economic crisis, but usually, when there is no Worlds, all the BMX community go to Cologne to celebrate our great sport and to have a good time... but.... No Flatland at the BMX masters this year "because it's too difficult to build a fucking decent 10m by 10m flat floor" (must be way easier to build a super-ramp nah?)...and... No Vert either "because It's too oldschool" (very nice for the Vert rider, since they literally saved the whole event last year).
No seriously I'm being mean, I know it's very hard to find sponsors that pay and organise an event that big, but come on... at least be honest!

It sucks cause 2010 started really well for flatland contest (Jomopro, World Classic, Game of Skills...).
Well, Now I encourage you to show your love to the events that keep real BMX alive and go to Fise, Barcelona Extreme, Bike days...

Well, that's it, Hope the BMX Masters crew can make more money this year, Yeap, they just saved 1500 euros of plywood! Whohoo! It will pay the beer for the V.I.P at the afterparty I believe! :)
Have a nice day!
-SarcasticAngry Matthias-

If you're into that kind of stuff you can subscribe to that Facebook Group, but It feels like being a homeless and asking money on the street...

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