dimanche 11 avril 2010

I won Jomopro!!

This contest was craaaaazy! Definitely one of the best I went in my life! The vibes were Electric! The fourdry was packed with people screaming at riders, The floor was perfect which made the riding level really high.
Catfish did an awesome job MCing the event! Thanks buddy!
I'm known to not shut my mouth, so I'll let you know, one of the judges decision were terrible, Ucchie definitely should have win his battle against Trevor, but well...
I had to battle against Trevor Meyer during the final and it was crazy since he's a legend!! I tried a new trick for my last run: Halfcab Whip to pegs wheelie and pulled it in 3 tries! I can't wait to watch videos of it! ahah
My daddy Alex Jumelin killed it too! he placed top 8 and was stoked.
This was definitely a great day for the future of flatland, some people know what I'm talking about ;)
Shout out to the people who put this event together! Pat and Katty from Flatlandfuel did an awesome job! Thanks.
For now on, here are the complete results and some awesome shots (as usual) from Vince Perraud!

1-Matthias Dandois
2-Trevor Meyer
3-Shintaro Misawa
4-Matt Wilhelm
5-Terry Adams
7-Viki Gomez
8-Alex Jumelin
9-Dane Beardsley
10-Chad Johnston
11-Effraim Catlow
12-Jean William Prevost

Framestand Tomahawk

My crew! ahaha

Rock and Roll!

Pivot on the backwheel

3 commentaires:

  1. Chapeau ! grand respect, j'aimerai trop avoir une de tes casquettes red bull :$

  2. I enjoyed watching you in Joplin. I agree with you on the Ucchie decision, but Catfish was out of line building Trevor up so much. He needed to stay impartial and not state his opinion during the intro. I think it may have influenced the judges, but you were the deserving champion. Thanks for traveling to Joplin and best of luck in the future.
    Chris Hanson

  3. I have the footage ready to post. I sent you message with the video on Facebook. I am waiting for your thumbs up for the realese.