samedi 10 avril 2010

Jomopro Update!!!

Today It's been a crazy freaking good day for Flatland.
The Expert and Master final went down along with the pro qualification.
I did the MC for the Expert and Master which was pretty awesome! I really enjoyed doing that and will be down to do it again in the future! ahah
Pro qualification was bananas. Very high level of riding from everybody, the crowd was really into it and Hector Garcia from the Bike project was a perfect MC.
I'm so stoked that Alex and me are in the final tomorrow.
Waiting for tomorrow, here are the pro that made the cut and a very cool picture from Vincent Perraud!!

1. Matthias Dandois
2. Terry Adams
3. Trevor Meyer
4. Shintaro Misawa
5. Viki Gomez
6. Yohei “Uchie” Uchino
7. Matt Wilhelm
8. Alex Jumelin
9. Dane Beardsley
10. Chad Johnston
11. Effraim Catlow
12. Jean William "Dub" Prevost

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