jeudi 1 avril 2010

Stereo Panda Road Trip!

Long time no news!
Sorry about that, we were actually on the road (2700 Km in Two days) ? ahah and no internet connection.
It's been two crazy day! Alex came to pick us up in Austin TX, and we headed to El Paso (Mexican border). Well, Alex didn't really pay attention on the gas tank level and we ran out of fuel in the middle of the desert... NICE!
Some nice American dude drove us to the station. we lost two hours but we still made it there at night. We ate some great Mexican food there, and then went to have some rest in a motel on the way.
We woke up in the morning and headed to the grand Canyon. It was so hot in the middle of desert, and then was soooo cold in the mountain! There was even snow! you can check on the pix that we found a dead animal in the snlow... Uhhh
We arrived in the Grand Canyon around 5 and OMG! Its Huge, so good to see that in live! It was really cold so we decided to head to Las Vegas during the night. On the way there was a snow storm and everybody was dead tires so it was a pretty sketchy drive!
Alex booked an awesome hotel suites in the Palms hotel so we all stay there and have fun in the craziest city in the world.
We 'll stay there untill satursday morning so keep in touch here!
For now, waiting for Vincent Photos, here are some cool pictures from Alex Iphone!
Enjoy life!

Running Out of Gas in the desert is Fun! ahha

Las-Vegas baby! Kyu and a weird animal

Kyu at work

The truck

Las vegas Venitian hotel!

Nice dead animal!

Gd Canyon! Awesome!

Breakfast with my family!

Sunset on the road

All American!

Alex loves Wendys!

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  1. Oh putain, je vais pas louper Alex sur ce coup là ! Ça fait 10 ans qu'il me tanne avec notre traversée de la vallée de la mort (presque) sans essence…