jeudi 8 avril 2010

Stereo Panda trip update!

We have been killing L.A. the last 3 days! We have been shopping like crazy, went to some crazy party, sightseing, visiting the Pull-In office and went to Venice beach to ride with the local (including Jesse Puente). It was such a crazy time riding there! The vibes are crazy with all the people playing basketball, working out and the bikini girls!! well, it was awesome! I shot some great photos for Red Bull with Vincent Perraud which you'll can check soon on Red Bull Photofiles.
We also shoot the look-book for Stereo Panda and It's gonna be the shit!!
This morning we went to the frontier between U.S and Mexico. We actually pass through the frontier and went to visit Tijuana for a while. There is such a crazy difference in 5 meters between thoses two countries!
We eventually went to the mission beach in San Diego to chill and enjoy the sunset.
Alex and I went to a mission in Downton San Diego to find a ridable spot. We cruised around for 10 min and eventually find a crazy one! We had a nice session and are ready for Jomopro! ahah
Tomorrow and the day after tommorrow is basically gonna be a 27 hour drive from San Diego to Joplin, Missouri to go at the Jomorpo. Wish us good luck.
All the team will be here by friday night, satursday morning.
For now I need to get some sleep!
Enjoy some of my Iphone Photos just below!!.

Mission beach is a great surf spot too!

My life is a big holiday!

Alex X Shopping


Crazy car traffic on the border!


Awesome sunset in San Diego

Vans painted add on a L.A. wall

Pull-In store, L.A., Photo Vince Perraud

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