lundi 3 mai 2010

24 hours of Karting!

This week end has been probably the most crazy of 2010 (Tireness wise) ahaha
I did A Karting Race called "24 hours of Karting". It's pretty easy, you have to drive 24 hour in a row!
Of course not alone! I was a member of the Red Bull athlete team comming from different sport (Moto, MTB, Base Jump,BMX, Tennis...) Everything but no Karting Drive! It was really really funny. Since all the other team (42 in total) where pretty much pros (there was a team comming from Dubai especially for the event), It was really hard to a good results!
I tell you, when your team partner wake you up at 3:45 am and tell you "you have to drive 1 hour, and it's raining outside", you don't really wanna go! ahaha
We end up 41st out of 42! Yeahhhh!
Thanks to all my team partner for this crazy week end and of course Red Bull for putting this together!!

The start! You have to run to the Kart and drive!!

The Dream team!

Some Spanish Ham in the Red Bull area!

24 hours son!

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