vendredi 21 mai 2010

Spring Road Trip

As you could tell, the blog was not really updated the last 10 days... I was on the road and it was pretty wild! Here's the story

#1: Paris->Granada (Red Bull Flamenco Flatland)
Everything started Monday 10th May, I had to go to Granada (Spain) to be a part of the Viki Gomez' Red Bull project: Flamenco Flatland! It was amazing to hang out in the beautifull city of Granada with Viki, Jesse, Guelo and Ikeda! Some riding and rehearsals went down during the week and the event turned out super great!! The venue was packed and the show was great! At the end the showman Takahiro Ikeda took the win (There was 3 judge including a Flamenco dancer). The mix between Flamenco and Flatland worked out! Amazing! We eventually went to the afterparty who ended up in the morning. We had a early flight so we basically didin't sleep...

Pretty cool to have your own Red Bull Cardboard!

Ikeda, the winner of the Contest!

#2:Granada->Montpellier (F.I.S.E)
From Granada I took a plane to Barcelona with all the riders, From Barcelona Red Bull rent a minibus to go to Montpellier. I arrived in Montpellier Friday at 4p.m and met up with all the riders including Alex J. and Raph C. Qualification were supposed to start at 6p.m but it rained (good for me, I was really dead)... At night it was the Red Bull/VANS Party at the Australian Bar. It was so cool to party with all my friend I don't get to party with usually. Everybody went wild and I even did a crazy show in the middle of a Rock and Roll concert! Pogo time!
We did the qualification at 2.30 the following day. The best pros were here so it was quite hard to make it to the top 8 and ride the final. Alex and Raph had some trouble with their run so they didin't make it to the final... shit. I qualified first!
The final started at 6p.m and It was sooo crazy. I never saw a crowd cheering that much for flatland! Actually everyone told me Flatland was the highlight of the FISE which is really crazy!
I beat Adam (He was injured), then Viki, and had to ride the final against the new flatland contest killer: Moto Sasaki. I'm really stoked I pulled my new trick once again (halfcabwhip pegs wheelie) and I won the contest!
Since the contest was over for us flatlander, we went fucking bananas on a club with the Red Bull staff, Alex, Ucchie, Elodie... Everybody was here! Good times!
The following I chilled the whole day and watched the pro Park. At night it was the last night and the last party.

Winning the Fise! Stoked!

Terry Adams getting ready to party!

Portrait at Fise!

#3Montpellier->Hossegor (Pull-In Underwear road trip)
I woke up pretty early the following day because I had to meet the Pull-In BMX team in front of my hotel at 9 that day. We got ready (It took a while: we had to buy an extra bikerack, had an accident with a scooter, we almost lost a bike off the roof...) and then went to Hossegor to ride some street with the best Bmxer in the business (Mark Webb, Ed Zunda, Mark Vos, Arthur Dietrich, Simone Barroco and two extra American guy (Ben Snowden and Lawrence the frontflip machine).
It was 3 really pleasant day surfing, riding good street spot and skatepark, partying in Spain...
Mark Webb is the funniest guy I ever met. He had a shoulder injury but was here to make us laugh. The highlight of the trip (riding wise) was Lawrence doing a frontflip in a child playground... WTF.
It was time for everybody to go back home!


Pull-In Ridaz at Breakfast!

Packed car, I tell you!

#4 Hossegor->Paris (Home Sweet Home)
Ed Zunda is staying at my place and Yesterday was Ucchie's last day in Paris so we went to my parent's and had a cool BBQ, some riding went down, Ed came so close from pulling his first wiplash! so cool to see a street rider riding flat!
Next stop is Switzerland next week end!

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