lundi 21 juin 2010

Alex Baret Got Stolen!!!!

Here is a really sad message from Andy Zeiss about my friend Alex Baret...

!! Alex Baret // camera stolen !!

"I f... hate thiefs!!!

Once again one of ours got robbed!
My friend and top notch filmer & editor Alex Baret was victim of a theft today.
His gear bag was right in front of his legs in a train cabin, almost touching his knees and then in a blink of an eye some damn fucker grabbed it, ran off, hided on top of the train (YES) and jumped off at the next station.
It seemed to be a professional who was watching Alex for a while before taking his chance. How bad is it when someone steps in your life and then just takes away something that you admire? The feeling someone is having your stuff that you treated so well and probably sells or swops´it for some drugs or whatever makes me sick! It sucks big time and just makes me really, really, really ANGRY!!!

I know the chances are small to see the stuff back but it was a decent amount of budget in that Lowepro bag including a Panasonic P2 HD Camcorder, a fisheye lens, a 15" MacBook Pro, 2 Hard Drives, other cool gadgets and amazing riding footage of three days.

May your hands rot off you asshole!

Heads up Alex!!!"


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