mardi 15 juin 2010

Com'inLyon Quick Report!

Photo ©Remy Issaly Sevenonethree

It's been a while Com'In Lyon was planned in my mind. I was supposed to go there with Raph and Alex as usual but both of them had stuff to do that week end so I went on a solo trip this time... less funny? naaah Check out why:
My friend Julien Dupont (Red Bull Moto trial Freestyle) picked me up at Lyon train station that satursday morning and dropped me at the contest spot.
The location was pretty simple but pretty good, a sort of school gymnasium close to the city center.
It was warm as hell inside but it was definitely good to see all my riders friends!
I started practicing a bit and found out the floor was soooo dialed! Wooden floor yes, but but they stuck it to the ground with wood glue. I was just feeling like at home! So good.
The contest started and in between classes, there were some breakdance, graffitti, unycicle show so it was pretty funny.
in the Master class, Matthieu Bonnecuelle progressed a lot. He actually can do loooong breakless nose wheelies... crazy. Maxandre (A bad Thing flow) was the best in the qualification evetho he had a tough party the night before.
Let's go straight to the pros. Dez Maarsen made it to Holland, Gilles Von de Sompel from Belgium, and all the typical french pro riders. Pretty tough contest! Everyone rode well but Dez rode the best so he took 1st place in the qualification. It meant I had to do better the next day to take the win back home which is actually not bad for motivation!
At night I went out with the Ride the world crew in the beautifull city of Lyon. We went to see a comic show, then went to a cocktail bar and finally at the contest party which was held on a boat!
All the riders were here so we had a crazy night! I don't really rememember when I went to bed, but I know it was day light ahaha
The following day I woke up tottaly fresh, went for a McDonald and to the contest place.
Kevin Meyer took the win in the expert class with some cool new backwheel move.
In the master class, Charles Paty rode like a pro (long cross footed nose wheelie to gturn whiplash.. WTF?) so he took the win! congratz!
on the pro class it was a battle format "pick the rider you wanna battle with". John Leblond was the first rider to choose and he! That was so amazing to ride against a friend of mine and we had a lot of fun riding! Dez and I made our way to the final with no touches run basically which promised a wild wild final!
Dez had some trouble finishing his long ass combo in the battle against me and I did pulled some new stuff so I guess that's why I took the win. Dez is progressing like crazy at the moment so that wouldn't surprise me he beat the best pros in Barcelona in July!
Joris Bretagnolle fresh new in the Quamen team beat Gilles von de Sompel in the 3rd place battle! Congrats.
That contest was really really good and promising for the future of the flatland scene in France. Tons of riders made it to Lyon to have fun, the crowd was into it and the organisation was dialed!
A big big up to Flo Guyennon and all the organiser, sponsor, riders. You all made my week end!
Special big up to Julien and the RTW crew for this amazing weekend, to Michel the Pigeon,Kang from Vans X et toute l'équipe, and Pascal Mintov who drove one hour in Lyon to drop me at the train station! Thanks!!!
You can watch all the contest photo taken by 713's Remy Issaly HERE

Barwhip during the final

Time Machine Like Marty Mc Fly!


Final result:

1 Vest Michael
2 Delaporte Thomas
3 Flad Valentin
4 Neumuller Aleks
5 Francesco Cirelli

1 Meyer Kevin
2 Masson Melvyn
3 Gardelle Jean
4 Infantalino Thomas
5 Simile Aurélien
6 Delaporte Nicolas
7 Loiodice Mickael
8 Ligout Benoit

1 Paty Charles
2 Jacob Kevin
3 Pillonel Maxandre
4 Bonnecuelle Mathieu
5 Clavelier Rodolphe
6 Chauvirey Mathieu
7 Atmani Samir
8 Brosset Jeremy

1 Dandois Mathias
2 Maarsen DEZ
3 Bretagnolles Joris
4 Van de sompel Gilles

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