vendredi 9 juillet 2010


Right after the contest in Barcelona, I drove to Hossegor with Alex, Elodie Jumelin and their kids.
Just before going there, we met up with the japanese crew in BCN at the swimming pool. The highlight of this day was Kotaro. He dived, but went too high and too steep, the pool was not deep enough so he hit his mouth ahahah check out the photo. That was 30 min of dead laughing.
We arrived in Hossegor late on monday night. We stayed there untill thursday night. We were basically on holidays so you know what does that mean: Beach, swimming pool, good restaurant, hanging out with everyone from Pull-In, and also filming a web edit.
This trip was nothing short of amazing thanks to Pull-In, I would like to thanks them as well as Elodie, Alex and their kids for the great 4 days!
Some photos for you guys!

Kotaro Face right after the crash ahahha

We rode some great spot!

Nathan Jumelin over his brother Gabin!!

Naked dude in the street?



Alex has a new style!

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