lundi 19 juillet 2010

BMX Master Wrap up!

This week end was nothing short of amazing, 3 days of BMX, sunshine and party! That was by far the best Bmx masters I've done in my life! Here's what happened.
I arrived in Cologne on thursday night with Alex, Elodie, Yamcha and Remy. We build up the Stereo Panda Booth and then I went for a quick session with Alex on the spot. The floor was perfect (size and surface wise), in the middle of the contest, between the super ramp and the skatepark, awesome! at night we stayed at Anna place who was wiating for us with Myla and some homemade pizzas! thanks so much!
The following day was the pro qualification. Alex Jumelin is definitely back at the top of his game and had a super clean run, Raph did what he could to qualify and did it well! Jesse Puente is the man, he's fucking 75 years old or more but still can shred his bicycle like no one else! 3rd place in qualification. I end up 1st pretty stoked. At night we had a super nice BBQ at Anna's place which was amazing.
The following day was the amateur qualification. With more than 60 riders suscribed, it took a while! The level was amazing! I was shocked by the level of some riders. Dudes from Estonia and Panama was the highlights of the amateur for me! They're gonna be so good!!!
After the qualification finished it was time for the Pro final. So many people were here to support the rida'z, Catfish was on the mic, the sun was shining, everything was set-up!!
Raph was the first to go and pulled a right footed bike varial at the end of his run. Since he rode only 20 times since one year, it's pretty amazing! Alex was the next. He started his run nicely with a long front wheel combo and ended it up with his new banger tricks (Nose wheelie, nosepick tailwhip back to nose wheelie...). Dominik Nekolny is the man, he's so dialed and does the most tech tricks ou there. Deserved 3rd place for him! Adam Kun rode awesome and pulled his signature decade in the middle of his run! I was the last to go, and I pulled exactly everything I wanted to pull, didn't touch, even halfcab whip to pegs wheelie first try, but still didn't make the first spot. The judge explained us for 3 hours that it was really tight and shit and they finally put Adam 1st with 0,5 pts more ahahaha. Fuck it, I'm stoked for Adam! 1st big win for him!!
And actually I don't have to complain cuz I won the Suzuki best tricks contest on Sunday!!
Talking about Sunday, It was also the amateur final day. Davis Dudelis took the first spot with an amazing run. Congratz to him!
The Saturday night party was going offffff!!! Alex got fired of the club for destroying the toilet and I don't remember anything after 2 a:m! ahaha sick guys!!
I would like to thanks the Deep Bmx Crew for what they did. Everyone was stoked to have Flatland at the bmx masters. Big up to the sponsors too: Deep Bmx, Power Balance, Stereo Panda, Pull-In, Suzuki and Felt Bikes! siiiick guys.
In the other discipline:
-TJ Ellis won dirt with a crazy front tailwhip on the last jump.
-Brett Maddog Banasiewicz won the Park with a double downside whip transfer and a perfect Cashroll
-Alex Coleburn did pull a flair to footjam on the sub box of the super ramp and goes back to England with the top spot!
See you next year!!!

The Panama kids!! Soooo good!

Stereo Panda Booth!

No hand the final

I love this photo. focused

More Fuckin' BMX!

1st Adam Kun
2nd Matthias Dandois
3rd Dominik Nekolny
4th Jesse Puente
5th Shintaro Misawa
6th Dez Maarsen
7th Viki Gomez
8th Alex Jumelin
9th Raphael Chiquet
10th Waldemar Fatkin

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  1. Can I get one of those bikes? Haha! But seriously.. Can I?