vendredi 20 août 2010

Extreme Sport Channel Flatland Tour!! The ending!

What a week!
After the show in Palavas which was pretty crazy, Everyone came to our apartment and starting to have some drinks. Raph was playing the guitar, I was playing drum and the dancers were singing... A rock Band started this night ahaha. We eventually went out in a club. It was pretty empty but since we came in with 11 people, we pretty much destroyed the dance floor!
The following morning was a bit hard I tell you but we made it in time in the Cap D'agde!
The show was nuts cause so many people was there to watch. All theses random who are not used to see BMX got wiiild ahaha crazy to witness that!
At night I stayed at a friend place on the Cap d'Agde, We hit the beach, had some drinks and then went to sleep.
The next day was the last day of the tour. I spent the morning at the beach, chilling... Then we did our last show. The ending was pretty sad cause everyone know it was the last time we were going to have fun together!
At night we had a super nice dinner in Montpellier and everyone went to sleep to catch his train early in the morning...
I'm right now in Paris for....24 hours. I'm off to Le mans tomorrow for a Red Bull show!
Big, big up to the extreme sport Channel crew who was there: Simon the speaker, Emelyne, Sandra and Greg the cameramens, Aglae, Yohann the DJ, Amira and Marion the dancers, Gauthier the streestyle soccer player and of course Raph Chiquet!

Halfcab Tailwhip for the crowd!

Many, many people!

Raph Riding!

Playing the guitar, Raph owns it!

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