samedi 7 août 2010

O Marisquino Day 1!

This contest is fucking amazing!
Yesterday was the day 1, Basically I chilled in the morning, trying to figure out where my passport where (I forgot it in the plane...) and building a bike.
I eventually went for a Red Bull Lunch. Vigo is well known for sea food and now I know why! Sooo good!
Later in the afternoon I met up with Sergio Layos and Ruben Alcantara... Once again that was pretty chil, we had an ice crea and watched amator park. It was still too hot to ride.
At 8 pm Viki showed up with a bunch of Spanish ridaz and we could start the jam. Everybody rode awesome! The session finished at 11 and I went to eat some more fish!
A couple of more spanish drinks later it was time to go to a concert and then have some rest.
Today is the qualification so I'll let you know!
Viva espana!!!

Red Bull Spanish team! Soo good guys!!!



Sergio Layos shouldn't have eaten that much fish! ahaha

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