mardi 17 août 2010

The tour is going super amazing! Plenty of stuff happened since the last day! We did a show in Biscarosse which was very good cause some local street rider came to watch us! After the show I went to film some clip with a wiiild camera called cable cam... Wait till you see the footage!!! After that we had a very good dinner and drank a lil too much. When we made it to the hotel everybody was wasted and maybe too loud too so we basically got fired from the hotel.. The following morning, we drove to Hossegor. I love this city!!! We hanged out the whole afternoon, then I had a meeting with the electric sunglasses team manager who hooked me up with some awesomme eyewear! We did a great show at night, right on the beach in front of 400 people. Patrick Guimez was here too with his funbox and did some jump to promote his upcomming event "lords of dirt" whose hapenning next week end. After that we were in a serious party mood. It wad actually one of the most wildest night in my life. So much stuff went on ahahah.
The following morning was pretty freaking hard cause w had a 500 drive to Montpellier. You know what? It took us 10 hours to go there cause we went out of oil on the motorway... Siiick guys!
Today we are going to film for TV and do a show in Palavas!! Let's get physical!!

2 commentaires:

  1. hi man, one question when you were a boy and practice flatland everyday in that days did you have good marks at school? did you have time to study? Please answer this questions there are very important for me and have a nice day.

  2. Yeap I tried to keep up with school.
    I gratuated high school and then stop school but It was very important to have good mark at school! ahah
    I had time to study cuz I had my spot in my parent's backyard