samedi 4 septembre 2010

Korea day Three!

Pretty good day yesterday in Chuncheon, Korea! No rain this time!
It was actually qualification day for every class and discipline.
I woke up and took a Massive breafast with all the riders which is always pretty wild and finishes with food fight all the time...
We eventually went to the contest area.
36 riders entered the Bmx flatland contest... including 30 top japanese pros... Since they only took 12 riders to the final and we only had 2 minutes run, It was not the time to miss your run. Viki, Moto and I basically had no touches run so we made the top 3.
Moto is seriously getting better and better... Insanity!
I eventually went to watch my friend ride the Park contest. Tom Dugan a.k.a Dang Dang killed the jump box with an Astronaut 3sixty that sent him to the 4th spot. Top 3 where contest riders (flair whip and shit), not my cup of tea...
After the contest ended, I went to downton Chuncheon with Dang dang and JF to check out what was up there... Not much but a KFC ahahah
After that I went to play some video games with some homies and had some beers. Tom played some MGMT songs on the hotel piano, good times! I was definitely tired afterwards and final is today so I went to sleep like a real athlete :)
I'll let you know what's up with the final today!!!
Nice story: On the way back from the contest to the hotel, Viki didn't see a tree's root on the road, cased his front wheel on it and frontflipped full speed over his bar and exploded his knee... Hope he still can ride today...

Tom Dugan Can play Piano!

Chuncheon Downton a saturday night? Not much going on!

Viki Gomez X Tom Dugan Knee

The ghetto in the ghetto: KFC in Chuncheon!!

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