vendredi 3 septembre 2010

Korea Day Two

Once again that was one long day!
I woke up this morning pretty early and the sun was shining.
I got to the event whose really fucking crazy, I couldn't wait to practice, but 2 hours later, a huge storm came down and ruined the biggest part of the day... We just chilled around with Viki and JF.
The sun came back at 4 p.m so we had two hours of practice (sun goes down at 6 in Korea). The floor is the best floor I have ever ridden in my whole life, so the level of practice was pretty high! I eventually rode some ramps with Akira. It was really difficult to ride because there is like 100 percent of humidity there. You move your arm and you're all sweaty!
We eventually went back to the hotel to get ready for the opening dinner with all the athlete. It was really an awesome dinner!
Tomorrow is the qualification so I might get some sleep now!

View from my hotel room this morning!

Viki at Practice

Dinner is served!

BMX, Skate, and Inline Skating... One love!

And if you were wondering if it's one big event or not, here are some pro I saw today:
Moto Sasaki
Viki Gomez
JF Boulianne
York Uno
Schinichi Kiba "Russia"
Yoshihiro Shinde
Takahiro Ikeda
Tomokazu Morinaga
Keisuke Tanigamwa
Akira Okamura
Akihiko Takahashi
Chad DeGroot
... and many more

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