mercredi 1 septembre 2010

The (really really serious) Terry Adams Interview

Terry has always been a real homie. It's always a lot of fun to meet him at contest around the world so I thought that would be cool to ask him some funny question! Along with the Interview, Clay Hefner who's working for Red Bull in the U.S was kind enough to send me some photos of Terry riding!! Enjoy!

Hey Let's start things off with a classic question, Can you introduce yourself to the people who don't know you.
Name: Terry Adams
Age: 27
Sponsors: Odyssey, Flatware, Dans Comp, Raising Canes, & Red Bull
Hometown: Hammond/ Pumpkincenter Louisiana

How the hell did you end up being a top pro Bmx Flatland rider. I mean, Flatland is pretty small, how did you get into it?
Being a top pro had been something I wanted from a very young age. I stuck with my dreams and did everything I could to make it happen. As small as flatland is, To me it looked to be the coolest thing in the world. I not only wanted to be a top pro but I strived my hardest to be different and did everything I possibly could do to stand out in the industry. Now that I am living the pro lifestyle I do everything I can to keep it going. It's a life I never want to end.

What's been your biggest accomplishments with Flatland and in your life in general?
My biggest accomplishment's in flatland was my 2 NORA cup awards, My covers on Ride BMX, BMX PLUS, & Cream Magazine. My biggest accomplishments in life is being able to live my dream job and find the most beautiful wife in the world. She is super rad so I am so grateful to have found her.

Describe me a typical day in your life?
I wake up, do some emails, facebook, and of-course twitter. I ride for two hours & then spend the rest of the day texting, talking on the phone, and normally end the night with watching some movies with my wife while drinking some blue berry wine. Its always a great day.

It's not a secret anymore, you do a lot of shows during the year, does it affect your riding in any kind of way? contest wise?
I started riding contest 16 years ago so my focus on them are not the same as they used to be. I enjoy riding in contest, preparing for them, & hearing the crowd screaming for me during my routine. Most of the demos I do are for Red Bull & they consist of riding in night clubs & college campus's. They are definitely not your typical "show rider" demos that can burn you out. I spend more time hanging out & meeting up with old friends then actually riding on these demo trips. I must admit they do slow down my progression a bit but it is very nice to travel the world & take every opportunity that is thrown in my direction. Contest wise.... As long as the other riders in the pro class are not doing my tricks then I still comfortable doing my shit. I don't care if its old or new.. If its "Terry" tricks then I am happy. It may sound weird to most riders but I enjoy being dialed more than learning new tricks. Thats just my thing. I read in your RIDE interview that you do not like the "5 in a row" practice style.. I happen to love it for some reason. HA ha HA

Let's get less serious, do you have something to say about you you're ashamed of/ and Proud of?
I am ashamed of farting. I am proud of my house and personal riding spot.

What do you think about the frenchys?
You guys have influenced my life in more ways than I can ever explain to you. You and Alex have changed me in so many ways. I cherish the friendship I will have with you guys forever.

Will you be back to baggy jeans one day or you're stuck with slim fit from now on?
I will go back to baggy when the frenchys do.. Thanks for being my friend when I wore those baggies. That's a true friend homie.

Are you the most fashionable person in Pumpkin center?
haha.. Thats funny.. what do you think?

You're well known to drop one Hammer tricks everyonce in a while, What's the next big tricks you wanna drop?

I have been working on a trick called the "death bed" you might see it by 2012..

What's the question you'd dream I ask you?
When do you want me to come ride with you Terry?

Say something cool about me!!ahahah
You are a great example of what flatland should be. I can honestly say I may be your biggest fan. I speak about you every time the word "pro" is mentioned. Congrats & keep up the great work.

Well here is a last one: If you met a genius, and you had 3 wishes, tell me what would you ask him?
I want to be Rich!!! I want to be Famous! I want to beat Matthias Dandois in the dew tour!!!

Thanks for your time Homie!!!

And here is the latest video of Terry shredding some Flatland and street!

And now everyone follow Terry on Twitter @terryadamsbmx!!!

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