vendredi 10 septembre 2010

Red Bull Flat Jazz!!!!

If you weren't there, you can't even touch how awesome it was!!!
4 of the best riders in the world (Viki Gomez, Alex Jumelin, Yohei Uchino and I) meeting 3 of the best musiciens ever! We worked hard in collaboration with Red Bull to make this show perfect, and it came out perfect.
The cabaret sauvage was super crowded with our friends, fans, family and media. So all we had to do is giving our best!
The show was splitted in different parts (Runs, Battle (Riders VS Riders and Musiciens VS rider), Freestyle and coregraphie. The greatest moment of the show was the one to one battle with the musiciens. Each one of them played a solo (drum, bass or Guitar), while we were doing what we do the best: riding.
Ucchie did a Bar Stand to Frontflip, yes you read it well! he landed on his foot ahahah
At the end of the show, the crowd voted for who he thinks was the "most accurate riders to stick with music" I won and took a Electric guitar back home! whouhouu!
After the show, everyone ended up in a Fashion Paris Night Club and finished super late and super wasted ahaha
Here are some pic and the video will be up soon!
I would like to thanks Red Bull to make my dream event come true, and off course Alex Jumelin, Yohei Uchino, Viki Gomez, Julien Feltin (Guitar), Patrice Moret (Bass), Marc Erbetta (Drum) for this awesome night!!!!
If you read French, Red Bull made a nice repo HERE

Ucchie Spin!!

China Moses (MC) and Patrice Moret (Bass)

Alex ripping it up!!!

Promoting Flatland as hard as I can!!

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