lundi 18 octobre 2010

KOG and world circuit!

It's all over the Internet now so no real need to talk about results and stuff like that but Moto won the KOG and Viki won the world circuit! Congrats to them!
I took 4th place at the KOG and 3rd place at the world circuit! Really psyched on it since I have Been riding pretty much only street style since a while! I won the qualification with a flawless run but couldn't put it together with this crazy final format ( no touch run best tricks only).
It's a big motivation for me not to win this one! I'm gonna come back next year with new tricks and hope to do better!!
For now on I'm enjoying my last two days in Tokyo with Alex, Ucchie, Julien and the rest of the riders! Big up to all the Japanese riders there for their crazy tricks and smile on their faces!
Next stop is the vibrations urbaines in Pessac 30th of October. Be there, it will be my last contest in 2010.

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