jeudi 7 octobre 2010

On tour!

Story of a week of show...
I was hooked up by Red Bul to do two shows: one last week end and another one at the begining of this week. I'm not usually that kind of rider who does show all year long, but that was pretty enjoyable and pretty motivating. Yes, different people than the BMX community can be pumped up on Flatland, and that was great to witness!
The first one was in Le Mans, (West of France). It was for an European Breakdance battle. I didn't really know what to expect since it was a breakdance only event... Also the floor was a soft carpet and I couldn't practice before the show so that was pretty scary!
Once I started all the BBoy started going crazy like if they never saw someone doing a manual before ahahah. Well that was a great one!
The second trip was in Monaco (South of France), and was for the "MipCom", a huge Media trade show.
I was really happy to meet up with my friend Sean who's a Red Bull athlete (Soccer streetstyle).
On Monday it rained the whole day so we couldn't do anything but Tuesday and Wednesday was really sunny so we could film some stuff!
We were freestyling in front of the Red Bull Media House booth where the event car was too.
People were passing by, watching us ride for a couple of time and then get back to work. Everyone told us it was a great animation for them since they were working all day long.
Also between the sessions we were going to the beautifull beach of Cannes to chill...not bad!
So I really would like to Thanks Red Bull for these great 5 days of tour... Now I'm back to practice for KOG... heheh see you in Japan!

I wrecked my shine... yop

Sean and I

Cannes' Beach

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