mardi 7 mai 2013

Bike Days 2013 in 10 photos

I'm back on the blogspot game, BITCHES! Last week end was amazing in Switzerland and here are 10 photos from the week end! Hope you like it! M.
So stoked my brother Alex Jumelin is back in Europe!

Halfcab whip during the final battle VS Dominik Nekolny

TV time!

Podium! 2 of my best friends on 2nd and 3rd spot! Couldn't be better!

Good setup for the bike days!

The DJ was killing it on the Red Bull event car!

Jean François Boulianne rocket tailwhip during practice! Tabarnak!!

Jim Mackay filming for the #truelovetour project! Stay tuned!!

Chris Bohm is a funny dude and has waaay too much energy. He did one handed push up with his bike on his back during saturday night show. Just sayin'

Smelly feet, dirty ass rider room..

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