mardi 14 mai 2013

FISE 2013 is a wrap and that was a GOOOOD one!! I entered flatland and street, I pulled some tricks on the street course and got second in the flatland final, and got first place at the party, so it couldn't have been a better week end! :) Congrats to my two good homies Viki Gomez and Alex Jumelin for the podium spots aswell! Thanks to the organizers, the riders, the judges and everyone involved for this 2013 FISE, We already working on 2014!!! Here are some photos!

Flatland finals! look at that crowd!!

lil portrait

Spinning half packer during qualifications

Steam roller during finals

Victory! ahaha

Signing session on the Xsoried booth after the finals

itw for TV

Street final highlights
FISE Montpellier 2013: Street Finals - More BMX Videos
Qualification run:

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