jeudi 16 mai 2013

Red Bull design quest video

Simone Barraco, Anthony Perrin and Matthias Dandois ride the roof at the famous Palavela arena.
Red Bull Design Quest is a new weekly series of riding edits featuring Simone Barraco, Anthony Perrin, Stefan Lantschner and Matthias Dandois.
The series follows the guys as they tour around Italy riding iconic locations and buildings in some of the country’s most famous cities.
The group takes in trips to Turin, Milan, Bologna, Potenza and the Adriatic coast in their quest to see the best that Italian architecture has to offer.
This first episode of Red Bull Design Quest sees the guys getting to grips with the Palavela arena in Turin. The arena features a distinctive concrete roof in the shape of a sail. This proves to be the perfect place to show off the Flatland skills of Matthias Dandois.
Milan is next up for the boys on their Design Quest.

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