mercredi 10 juillet 2013

Thirty-five unpublished photos from my US trip.

I love to travel and I love to take pictures.
I post a lot of pic on Instagram but I always have leftovers.
This morning in the plane, I was watching some of the pictures I took during this trip in the US and I figured I didn't use a lot of them. 
Enjoy 35 unpublished pictures from Ocean City, Chicago, Lousiana and New York City. Twenty five days chilling in America, doing what I love the most: riding my bike and having fun with my friends.

Josh Harrington in the Vans condo during the Dew tour in Ocean City.

Viki Gomez killin' it at the swimming Pool. - Ocean City

Hucker rides vert like no one else!

I'm convinced gabin Jumelin will be famous one day. He already signs autographs!

Jerry Badders is a big child. - Ocean City

Getting some inked done in Chicago

View from my hotel room in Chicago

Train station in Chicago

The Black hawks team celebrating they NHL title!

Cruising in Chicago during the black hawks parade

Devon Smillie is sooo badass on and off his bike. Cruising fair dale bikes in Chicago

Packing for Louisina at the Bakery skatepark in Chicago

USA represent at some Walgreens in Louisiana

The devil never sleeps - New Orleans

Cruising on a boat on the Mississippi.

My big brother

Alex Jumelin killin' it on the wakeboard. - Mississippi river

Here is Scott O' Brien proving once again that southern hospitality is on another level.
I can somehow dive 

Terry Adams spinning a 360 at the Baton Rouge skatepark

Breakfast of champion while watching terry ride in the morning. - Hammond (LA)

Girls can ride

Panorama in NYC
Post 20$ bills
Tired random man in the NYC Subway. - 6 am

Sunrise in NYC - 6 am.

Panorama on a beautiful afternoon at Central Park

Brick wall in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge

Dope view from an helicopter over Manhattan

NYC shopping with Guillaume and Marion

New orleans lights

Ucchie supporting Alex

This girl is the best. Marion - NYC

NYC Subway

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