samedi 30 janvier 2010

Indianapolis Day Three

Well I'm writing the day three eventhought It's already the day four!
Whatever, thursday night I couldn't sleep cause I was keep throwing up from food intoxication I think... heheh
So I was feeling really shitty yesterday! But we had plenty of stuff going on so I had to take it over.
We did many photo and video shoot with Nick Shrunk who is the awesome Red Bull Photographer. I also did some stuff with Fat Tony (Ride Bmx) Including a Bike Check and a How to tricks (They actually have a contest on ride bmx twitter, you have to guess the trick!).
We eventually went to a school to do a show for Red Bull. I was so pumped since It was the first time I was doing a show in America and also the first show I did with my buddy Terry Adams! Everything went so perfect, the kids were stoked! Awesome.
After the show I was really feeling like a piece of junk so I couldn't make it to the prejam at the plane hangar... I rested all night long a today I feel better and I'm going to ride the contest!
Keep in Touch!!!!

Interview for Red Bull

Ride Bmx How to!

Plane wing!! my dream!

Show at school

Autograph session! I'll never understand that though... :)

SUPER big up to Fat Tony who took all these photos with his Iphone for the blog!

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