dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Red Bull Fight with Flight!

Fat Tony did an awesome job on the ride website covering the event, including an awesome recap, I don't even need to write something! Just go and check it there: RIDE BMX
I was really sick a day before the contest and definitely didn't feel good at all during the contest day. I won the qualification but I got beat up in my first battle against Moto Sasaki who fucking killed it!
It's just really motivating for me to see my "contest" tricks aren't working all the time and I gotta spend hours at my spot working on new ones as soon as I'll be home!
I would just give a huge big up to the organiser James (Red Bull), Alan and Jake and everyone being involved in this event, that was such a good time! and of course special shout out to Terry Adams and Fat Tony, I had a great time hanging out with you guys!
Peace out, see you in Jomopro!!!!

Photos by Fat Tony

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