mardi 12 janvier 2010

Japan Holidays!

It's holiday time after the big contest that went down. I stay at Ucchie's house with Adam, his girlfriend and Momo. We basically spend our days shopping and practice, and our night partying. Pretty easy game! There was a good after contest jam at the Setagaya park spot where Viki and Jesse killed it! We eventually went to a big party that ended up at 8 a:m! ahaha Good time I tell you.
Check out the pix!

Ucchie,Shibuya station, 8a.m

Shibuya corner!!

On the way back to Ucchie home, we saw this girl who passed out while puking in the train... woh


Jesse eating Pasta AND this weid thing, 7:30 a:m

ahah how weird!

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