mercredi 28 avril 2010

New Frame update

I'm riding really, really hardcore at the moment, first of all because it's sunny outside and I had to get used to my new frame.
Here is what I feel having a longer Frame: The first two days (The first day I rode it was at the Game of Skills in Vienna :) was a real pain in the ass, because the slim fit prototype I had was 1.5 inches smaller that this one! I felt like riding someone's else bike...
After a couple of days, when you get used to it, It's A.W.E.S.O.M.E!
-Trick-wise Everything is just more stable (Nose wheelies, wiplash...), I progressed so much on that kinda tricks!
-Body-wise, I have some fucked up back problem and now I'm no longer a tall guy on a small bike, It's just my size, and it feels way better.
-Style-wise, It's just looks more beautifull, having a big bike floating around!
-Street-wise, It works riding street!

Well I'm not telling you to get a 20.5tt bike tomorrow if you're not tall enough, but you should definitely try 19-19.5 tt, and let me know what you think about that! I mean, I'm not the creator of riding Flatland with a long bike, Trevor Meyer does that for 50 years :) , I'm just telling : He was right!!
Last but not least, Big up to the fellows at Koxx/Abadthing who let me design what I wanted!!

Well, Have a good session, enjoy the nice Spring days and see you at the Bike days in Switzerland next week end!

5 commentaires:

  1. way good to see! Not a toy bike.
    Looks more fucked up, less pussyish & natural.

  2. Hey Matthias,
    I'm riding a 20,5" TT Frame as well which is called the KHE Specter and it's awesome. Same experience with it. First days feels strange but after a while you get use to it and the feeling is like a real BMX bike.

    Cheers and all the best


  3. Hey Daniel!!
    Thanks for your comment and your support!!
    Of course bigger frames are better! People has to get used to it: Thats it!!
    Hope to see u this summer mein freund!
    Bis dan

  4. wow,cool!
    and when will be the frame available in shops?im a little bit taller too (185cm) and it would be great to ride a normal size frame :)