mercredi 28 avril 2010

Where Have you Been?

Waldemar has been my friend for a while now! I went to Koblenz, He came to Paris and it's always a lot of fun to ride and hang out with him! Unfortunately I didn't get to see him a lot last year, neither do you. He has been off the radar for a little while but no worries, the man is back! Hey Walde! But where da fuck have you been? Here are 5 questions I asked him to figure it out!

1-Just a little basic Intro: Name, Age, Riding years, sponsors, anything you wanna say about you!

W: Hello my name is Waldemar aka Wowa Fatkin, I am 22 years old. I ride BMX since 2003 and my sponsors are Deepbmx, Sportimport (Odyssey), Power Balance, Kunstform and Chico.

Bikeflip in Hungary!

2-Man, Where have you been? I didn't get to see you since the Riviera Ninja Spin last year! What has been your program?

W: Hehe its not true we see eachother at BMX Masters and at Flow Combo in Koblenz! You forgot it?;)
But its true I was seldom at contests last year because I am busy at school. In 2 weeks I have my last exams and after I have more time for riding, contests etc.

Waldemar, Frank Lucas and Matti Röse, DEEP BMX!

3-Do you have some "come-back plans", by that I mean visiting some major contest this summer?

W: Yeah I will visit some contests this year together with DEEP crew. We will go to Nokia Fise, Hungary, Lyon and I think more. I hope I can fly to Japan this year because It's always been my dream to ride there and to see underground riders from japan.

Waldemar can do Nosewheelie like you do hang5

4-What's your riding style right now? more street, more flat?

W: hmm I ride BMX. I prefer flat- street mix style

The most important thing in life to my eyes: Party!

5-Tell me the last trick you pulled, the next tricks you wanna pull and the tricks you have in mind forever but you know it's barely possible?

W: Last tricks I pulled are secret!!;) You have to wait for my new video. At the moment I try some new switches from frontwheel to bachwheel and back bla bla. I hate long tricknames. Trick in my mind is halfcab 1,5 whooper to mccircle, I think its possible.

Waldemar and I in Paris, 2008.

You can thanks who you want:

W: Thanks to my family, my girlfriend Steffi, whole Deep crew, Bodo Hellwig from Sport Import for best Support, my sponsors, all my friends and thank you for the questions!!
See ya at Fise bro!

Waldemar Fatkin's last Video...Feel the Street Style? WTF!

Waldemar Fatkin THE BLITZ promo from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

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