mardi 11 mai 2010

Red Bull Flamenco Flatland Day one and Two!

Right after Switzerland, I went to Madrid (Spain) to meet up with Viki for a Red Bull event called Flamenco Flatland!
Willy from Red Bull spain picked me up at the airport and brought me to the riding spot where I met Viki, Jesse Puente, Takahiro Ikeda, Guelo, Nathan Penonzek... We had a small session and then head to Granada (south of Spain) which was a 4 hours, well 5 hours drive since Nathan got busted by the police ahaha. We arrived pretty late at night so we Checked in the hotel and slept!
The following morning (today), we head to the event spot. The city of Granada is amazing!!! The event is gona take place in a 13th century palace in the shadow of the Alhambra (one of the monument who's on the list to be the newschool 7 marvelous of the world, imagine how beautifull is it!).
We rode on the nice spot that Red Bull mad efor us and did some rehearsal with Rafael the Flamenco dancer. Then we went to shoot some video... Nice day!
The event is on thursday so keep on checking here for more info soon!
Some nice photo from Jesse Puente!!

Jesse Chilling hard!

Chilling hard too!

L'alhambra, Got me?

Media Time!

Here is the teaser of the event! Enjoy

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