mardi 6 juillet 2010

BCN Extreme Results

Here are the results of the Barcelona Extreme pro final:
1st Viki Gomez
2nd Takahiro Ikeda
3rd Zohei Ucchino
4th Dominik Nekolny
5th Matthias Dandois
6th Moto Sasaki
7th Tsumotu Kitayama
8th Kotaro Tanaka
9th Guelo Monzon
10th Jesse Puente

I'm so happy for Viki! He deserved it and It's cool that he wins in his country.
This was a really fun week end and it was 3 days of partys, fun, Beach, Bitches and BMX!!
See you at the BMX Masters!!!
Oww and yeah I didn't win this one! I should ride more flatland than street if I wanna win contest! Well 5th place is definitely not bad!

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  1. andrew faris once said "2nd place is for pussies". God only knows what 5th place is!