vendredi 2 juillet 2010

BCN update

So I arrived yesterday morning in Barcelona along with Frank Lukas. We went to his hotel to drop off the bags. Red Bull called me 10 min after to tell me they booked the Red Bull athletes a huge apartment in the city center of Barcelona... OK!! I went there to chill for a while and then went to the Forum where the contest takes place.
The venue was not opened because it was on construction but I somehow skipped the security check and could ride the Flatland area for a while. The surface is amazingly smooth and grippy! It's a lil bit too big for me but heh, that's cool!
It was way too hot to ride so I went to the beach for a while.
Later in the afternoon I met up with some of my street rider friends, Vincent Perraud and the Soul Bmx Mag media team cause they were shooting a video for 6.0. I stayed with them the rest of the afternoon.
Everyone got hurt so we decided to go film some flatland clips close to the beach. I pulled some stuff and then it was time for the Apero.I had some beers with them, watched a movie and it got pretty late so I went to bed.
Today is the open practice so make sure you are around!!

Red Bull athlete apartment!

The spot is in construction! Look at that beach in the background!

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  1. eae matthias !!quero deseja muita sorte pra você, esse blog é o melhor abraçaõ by calistro brasil !!