vendredi 15 octobre 2010

Japan Updates!

So it's been two days that I'm arrived in Tokyo and it's been pretty coo so far. The only thing is that I can't get used to the jetlag on this trip and it seriously pissed me off.
Yesterday it was the introduction of the new 430 brand collection so Ucchie took me to Harajuku to check it out! There I met Hiroshi, Kotaro and many riders. The new a bad thing apparel collection is soo good! after that, we picked up Alex Jumelin and Julien his friend at the Ueno train station and went straight to an hotel because we had to do a show for Murasaki sport here. It was pretty wild, a lot of people showed up! It was actually a battle between team japan (Ucchie and Kotaro) and Team France (Alex and I). There was no winner at the end of course. Unfortunately Kotaro splitted his leg muscle during the show and couldn't finish it. While we were riding, JF Boulianne from Canada was getting drunk backstage so he was pretty wasted by the time we finished. Congrats homie! After that everyone was pretty tired so we all went back to sleep.
We woke up too early this morning and I was feeling like a big shit... We had a meeting with Powerbalance Japan this morning.
After that we all got to Ucchie's spot to have a session. Ucchie has crazy new tricks and Alex Jumelin is dialed! There was also Kenji the Japanese stuntman who tries crazy tricks. I was more watching the other ride than actually practicing since I was feeling like it was 4 in the morning ahaha. Whatever. We eventually all went to a Japanese BBQ restaurant which was awesome.
Now I'm off to bed and hopefully feel a lil better tomorrow... Stay in touch!

A Bad Jacket!

Alex Jumelin busting out during the show!

Kotaro and Ucchie on fire

Alex Jumelin again, at the riding spot this time!

Kenji was pretty psyched on his dinner!

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  1. c'est du bon les photos! ca donne envie d'y etre!