vendredi 15 octobre 2010

KOG final rules

The Judging criteria (Pro Finals)

- Qualifier

Regular format. one 120 seconds run. Judges evaluate riding in a comprehensive manner. If you can't complete a combo, judges evaluate the run which's showed until the rider touch on the ground.

- Final tournament

Group A 1st, 6th and 7th of qualifiers

Group B 2nd,5th and 8th of qualifiers

Group C 3rd, 4th and 9th of qualifiers

9 riders proceed to the final. 5 minutes run and one last combo for 3 riders in a group. if you touch on the ground, let the next rider go. If you continue riding after touching on the ground, your point will be deducted (if the attempt is recognized as intended, the rider may be disqualified). Once the order of run set after the first turn, it must be same until the end.

4 judges from qualifier and 10th rider in the qualifier, total of 5 judges.


Only one combo in the 5 minutes run plus 1 last combo is evaluated. Judges evaluate either the best completed combo or the best uncompleted combo though, the best completed combo is evaluated as more valuable.


You can continue riding after beeping until touching on the ground or complete the run. Then you have one more last combo in the next turn after rest of rider have one more last combos.

The Judging criteria (Pro Finals)

Other rules at a venue.

-Riding is only permitted at the main court and sub court. Please refrain from riding at the other area.

-Drinking is prohibited. The violator may be caused of ejection

-At the venue where plywood boards are paved, carry your bike. Please don't push your bike.

-When a contest finishes, please leave the venue immediately according to the directions of KOG staffs so that we can clear the venue smooth.

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